lundi 17 novembre 2008


Perry loomed over me as though he'd never left. After an hour and a half of sleep revisited, I awoke just before 10:00 to find that my body and the blankets had become weightlessly one and Perry loomed over as though he'd never left the room.

In sleepy dreamland, I had inquired to my mom whether or not Perry's friend should come over to assist him in his studies. Only in my dreams could I pose such a pointless question. In reality, Perry was pulling a shirt over his head while I clung to fresh denial of a new day and morning.

It was sweet creamy coffee time, an hour that only exists on mornings at Perry's house. I'm fond of this time and I look forward to it. Well, once denial has dwindled down to acceptance levels. Perry lovingly prepared onion bagels with lots of hard cream cheese that I scraped off onto the plate.

Mariah Carey was singing about her baby at Christmas time when I dropped him off at school. Next was the Carpenters and then the Eagles and Elvis and then likely the Carpenters again all singing the same song about Christmas. We want it white, there's no place like home, Santa is to Jesus as bagels are to hummus... It really doesn't matter. I've overdosed on cheer and it's only mid-November. I frowned the whole way to work and it felt like cinema.

There was a fun friendy dinner planned at the Castle for that night. All of the Hermit Thrushes were back from tour and so it was time to eat. Chicken I guess. Because I didn't have much besides sesame crackers and ricey stuff that Jessi made. The distraction was priceless, but then it was cold and I had to go home.