mercredi 27 février 2008

To be a language assistant

In the pantry: dry pasta, rice, onion, Krisprolls, breakfast bars, instant mac and cheese my Mom sent from the States, microwave popcorn my mom sent but I don't have a microwave, canned white beans, canned peas and carrots, dry black beans, cocoa powder, Nutella
Fridge: pasta sauce, guacamole sauce, hot sauce, salsa, blueberry jam, vegan margarine, half of old tomato
Freezer: fries, frozen spinach

mercredi 20 février 2008

English for Secretaries

Person 1: Hello.
Person 2: Hello, this is Carine. I would like to make an appointment because I saw your advertisement for secretary work in the newspaper.
Person 1: Please hold on. I'm calling the director.

Person 1: Hello, this is Ingrid. Ms. Carine would like to make an appointment for the secretary job.
Person 3: Ok, give her an appointment during the week.
Person 1: Ok, no problem.

Person 1: Hello, Ms. Carine, when are you available?
Person 2: I'm available Wednesday afternoon.
Person 1: Ok, I'm checking the timetable. Wednesday, February 22nd at 3:00 p.m. Is that ok?
Person 2: Yes, thank you.
Person 1: Bye. See you Wednesday.
Person 2: Oui, shut the fuck up.

As conceived and performed by students in my Secretarial Studies class. I take full responsibility for any grammatical accuracy.

mardi 19 février 2008

This week in history

Ideal Schedule For The Week of Feb. 18 - Feb. 24

Monday: Work - discuss films with students (check, even if they were jerks and didn't speak English)
2001: Space Odyssey at Cinéma Le Grand Action (check, excellent)
Tuesday: Work - films again (check, much better this time)
Clean room because repair people are going to see it tomorrow (shit)
Watch Arrested Development with Jessi
Eat dinner at the American Diner
Wednesday: Work- films again
Buy ticket for Jens Lekman
Correspondence (hopefully)
Centre Pompidou Modern Art Museum free for people under 26 every Wed. evening (long overdue)
Thursday: Work - talk about films or play drawing game
Bake cookies (chocolate chip)
Go out and celebrate Winter Break (2 weeks off)
Friday: Read, play with new guitalele
Make doctor's appointment or be a walk-in to discuss my swollen thyroid gland
Pick up mail at old apartment
Saturday: Correspondence after not doing it on Wednesday
Sunday: Rejoice not having to make a lesson plan for Monday
Write something

If I say I'm going to do it and post it in my blog, then it will have to happen, I think.